Fairy falls


There are two different ways to get to the Fairy falls trailhead. The one we hiked took us up to the new overlook for the Grand Prismatic pool also. So a 2in1 deal and it was worth it. This trail starts at the Steel bridge just south of Mid-way geyser basin. It was simple to find and had lots of parking. If you just wanted to catch the overlook, there and back would be roughly a mile.


Besides the overlook the trail is almost completely flat and I would rate it as easy. However adding in the new overlook added some more walking and it roughly rounded out to about 7 miles, so bring snacks and water.



The falls are beautiful and you can swim in them if you’d like. The best time to visit would be in the morning because the lighting and the sun, which kind of falls behind the falls in the afternoon. They call it the Fairy falls trail because of the whimsical way the water winds along the trail after the 197 foot drop. This trail provides lot’s of other hiking options but is perfect for families with young children.


While this isn’t the longest I’ve hiked in Yellowstone it is probably one of my favorites. I’m thankful that I was able to finish quite a chunk of my guide book, but of course I always hunger for more. Last stop in this series is coming up next, the one destination I’ve always wanted to get to.


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