The Gellert baths, caves and hill.


Today’s blog post is about the baths at Gillert, a church and a hike. To begin with Gellert baths are probably my favorite part of Budapest to date. They are hot spring fed; ancient, architectural, and artistic.



In planning a day at these baths I had given myself a timeframe to work from, of which I didn’t follow. Immediately upon my arrival the place astounded me with it’s beauty and the easy flow in which the spa user could slowly maneuver between pools. The cost at the gate was 6100 huf or about $20 usd and this included a locker for the day. Honestly I never really understood the layout of spa but in general the mineral pools were downstairs and the chlorine pools were outside.


I started the day in the mineral pools of which there are four located in two’s on opposite sides of the building. These pools vary from 36° celsius to 40 ° celsius. There are also steam rooms and saunas on each side of varying temps. I also stopped for a while by the main pool which may be standard sized Olympic pool (however you can only enter with a swim cap) and where there was another mineral pool. After this I headed outside and enjoyed the heated pool…. And I may have fallen asleep a few times. Besides these attractions there is also; an outside pool ( which becomes a wave pool every hour on the hour,) a finnish sauna (at a whopping 185° fareinheight,) and various massage packages.


After lavishly wasting most of the day at the baths I headed to the Gillert cave. The day before the cave was not opened and I had caught the schedule in my minds eye, so I was expecting a 45 minute wait on arrival. The cave is adjacent and 50 meters uphill from the baths. This day however I found out the visitor center was closed but there was not a sign in front saying no entry “ mass is in progress”. However mass was definitely in progress and having attended many different churches in my life I fell into my Catholic church manatra. This is either hilarious or sacrilegious to you. So yes; I knelt, stood and crossed apparently well enough that no-one suspected I wasn’t a Catholic. Unfortunately but yet quite understandably there were no pictures allowed.


Upon visiting the Gellert area the first noticeable sight is a huge statue on the top of the hill above the church. So of course I had planned on hiking to the top. However the area is well renowned for vandalism as this is where the homeless people bunk at. Don’t let that scare you off though, there are plenty of ways to the top via the map. However if your up for adventure begin at the cave church and follow the path most scenic, during the evening there are many couples seated and enjoying the view along with wine and cheese. At the top there is a statue. I headed back down toward the Buda castle for some views I’d seen from afar the day before.


We were having a festival when I left for Varga Tanya a week ago, and yet here in Budapest we are again having a festival. So to end this night I stayed out way to late jiving to a live band and tasting every cheese. I absolutely adore cheese! The festival continues through Tuesday and I can honestly say I’m enjoying the venues, stay tuned for the next trip and the Budapest adventure.

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