The Széchenyi bath house.


The Széchenyi bath house was not my favorite spa in Hungary, though very famous. The outside architecture is very beautiful the inside is rather white, monotonous and boring. There are some beautiful masterpieces on the ceiling but that is in the visitor’s center. Another reason I was not impressed with this bath was because it was so crowded and place is very popular. Like a mini Silverwood except we’re supposed to be relaxing in these busy but healing waters.


This being said The Széchenyi baths are huge and consist of many different soaking pools. In the middle of the bath house’s are three outdoor pools(running about 32° celsius) one is for swimming(with a cap) and the other two have fountains; water features and even a human fueled whirlpool. On one side of the circular area are lockers and small changing areas you can rent for the day. On the other side is where the indoor bathing starts. Here there are so many different pools of varying degrees and some super scalding showers too. I went to the baths fairly early about 11am and the price was 5700 huf or about $20 usd. However the pools became so busy that you could hardly find space to squeeze in.


I ended up leaving the springs a little earlier than I had planned and headed out to explore the area. Of course we were still having a festival in Budapest and I followed the music to another free concert and there were castles. As in most area’s of Budapest you have a planned day but there seems to always be yet again another; castle, mosque or museum. I headed back later than I realized and ended up missing my train the next day.


So shoot it’s so frustrating to miss your transport, besides being costly(a whopping $20 bucks) it messed up my whole day. So after a Jacque pouting in a different country ” no tears” this time session.I pulled myself together and headed to a less well known bath house named Király.


As it ends up this was the best place ever and if you want to get a true Hungarian bath you should go to Király. The price here was 2600 huf or under 10 $usd and it’s cheaper but smaller. I wasn’t allowed to take photos in the spa area and yes they have a gaurd. There are four pools at this spa and one is a huge hexagon with hexagon stars cut out of the ceiling and the light shines through making the whole place surreal. There’s also a hot pool at 40°celsius and a very cold pool. While I was there a couple of people were “taking the tonic” or treatment of the hot-cold plunges. While there was a sauna I didn’t use it because the steam room was sublime! Besides having another star gazing ceiling the benches here were ornate and well laid out (like something in a movie) and everything smelled like chamomile!


Tommorow I’ve bought another train ticket and now that I know the station entrance is underground maybe I won’t get lost. Anyways I’m really excited about this destination and to share it with you! As the internet at my hostel crashed I’m back blogging so I know I’ve already made the journey! 😁 More to come soon!

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