Lake Hev’is

Lake Hev’is sits at the southern most end of lake Balaton in Hungary. It is the world’s largest thermal lake that you can access and swim in. Fortunately one of my new friends from Budapest told me how to get there and here’s what I found.



The ladies all said to get to Hev’is I should take the lake Balaton train to Keszthely, the cost here was about 7,400 huf or $25 usd round trip and finding the right platform at the train station wasn’t simple. Which is why I missed the train the first time. Upon arriving at Keszthely I rented a bike from the information station, which was also a challenge to find. I ended up following a sign saying “centrum” which seamed correct to me and that took me to the heart of this quaint lakeside town. The bike rental was about 1,200 huf or about $4usd and I grabbed a map which I never used as everything was clearly marked on the way. Cycling is very popular in Hungary and bike paths litter the; walkways, streets and parks. I was ecstatic to be on a bike as I really miss cycling. Hev’is was only 5k away, but I had only five hours until I needed to be back on the platform… how many train’s can I miss?



Upon my arrival at this thermal lake I was amazed at how large in area it was. First I checked into the resort and the entry fee was about 2,100 huf or $7usd for 3 hours. After changing into my swimmy I had a look around. The resort was large and there were lot’s of add-on amenities like massages and things. The lake itself has fish and blooming lily-pads, the water smells sulfuric and is warmer in some places than others. The water here is also slightly murky especially inside the open aquarium area where you can swim. There was a warning to only stay in the spa for 20 minutes but I didn’t keep to that as I had no troubles. To kind of put it in a Washingtonian perspective think Soap lake which also boast’s miracle cures. It was cooler to watch other’s swim in the lillies than to actually do it as the thought was more whimsy than the act.


I really enjoyed riding my bike back and got done early enough to head down to lake Balaton. WHERE THERE WERE SWANS EVERYWHERE! Ohh how I wished I had more time to sit and watch the swans as they are magnificent. On the train ride back the swans were out eating in the fields too. I’m glad I got to go to both lakes and I know my friends are too as it one of their favorite past-times here in Hungary. Today I’ve hopped on a bus and headed to Slovakia for a week. The next couple of days will be busy and I’m hoping for a good internet connection somewhere. Goodbye Hungary and my Hungarian friends, thank you it was lovely.


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